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Advice For Angling For Sharks

Key West Shark Fishing

Shark fishing is one of the most exciting type of fishing that you will ever do. Shark fishing is only for the bold, the strong, and the people that are ready for the biggest adrenaline flow of their life! There are many different sharks to fish for; from lemon sharks to tiger sharks to great white sharks. Sharks are found in almost any type of salt water at any location. Good spots to look for sharks are near reefs where smaller fish are located in which they are feeding. Sharks also have been known to hang out around sandbars. Some additional good tips for catching sharks are: To find out more information on shark fishing, you have to visit site.

* Make sure when fishing for sharks you have strong tackle. Don't be surprised to catch a shark that weighs well over 300 lbs. It is imperative that you have strong fishing line; at least 100 pound test line as well as a rod that will not break with a fish that big on. You have to use strong tackle to catch strong fish.

* Have some chum with you that you can dump it into the water in order to attract the sharks. Sharks are curious creatures with great senses that can sense anything out of the ordinary and they will be attracted to the chum you throw in the water. Once the sharks congregate around the chum, they will be ready to feed on your bait.

* Have several rods with you. Having more than one rod cast out will give you a better chance to hook a shark and therefore to have the fishing experience of your life!

* One of the best ways to catch a shark is to catch some mackerel before you go shark fishing and use the mackerel in order to catch a shark. Even a big fish like that can't ignore that bait and if you can get some mackerel as bait you will eventually catch a huge shark and have a story to tell everyone.

* Finally, when fishing for sharks don't forget to have a gaff with you in order to release the fish or if you are keeping it, bring it in the boat for a nice meal. Many people don't realize it but shark is a tasty fish.

* Fishing at night is also a very productive method for shark fishing as they like to feed nocturnally.

* Sport fishing for shark is very popular amongst fisherman. Next time you are near salt water you should give it a try.

The most important thing you can do to give yourself an advantage over the sharks you are hunting is the learn as much about them as possible. This will make sure that you are fishing for them at the right place at the right time and also presenting them with the right baits. For example, sharks mostly swim in offshore areas, but do come to shallower waters to breed and mate. If you are trying to surf fish for sharks, you should learn when and where the species you want to catch do this.

One more important tip is to make sure that you buy the best tackle that you can afford for shark fishing. Discount fishing rods from big box stores like Wal-Mart simply will not be able to stand up to the fight a large shark can put if you so happen to get one on the line.